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Thu Aug 8 21:53:50 MDT 1996

 >> These are no times for Central American
 type solidarity campaigns in which a cause was seen as deserving of support
merely from the point of view of non-intervention.  It is too late for that,
because fascism is being *exported* into the USA via the need of the
imperialist bourgeosie to prevent proletarian led revolutions.  <<Adolpho O

 Jon Flanders:

  I have to disagree with you here. It would be a major, believe me, major
step forward for the working class here to oppose a military intervention in
Mexico or Peru. The Central American solidarity movement, which actually went
far beyond simple opposition to intervention, was primarily composed of
youthful activists and radicals of various persuasions.

  The working class did not, in the most part, get involved in this work. If
the leadership of the unions here were to oppose military intervention in
Mexico, which is already happening covertly, it would change the face of US
politics. Some of us remember the significance of Martin Luther King stepping
forward in opposition to the Vietnam war. This is the kind of thing I am
talking about. It is not that such leaders have become marxists, but that the
earth has shifted under their feet.

  I am actually quite confident, despite the transient sucess of jingoism
during the Gulf War, that US workers can be won to an anti-imperialist,
anti-intervention position. The groundwork has been laid by the ruthless
capitalist competition world-wide, which opens eyes every day to the social
reality in Third World countries.

  While it is true that repressive legislation is being cooked up, we are a
long way from fascism here, and the ability of the Clinton's and Dole's to use
TWA 800 type incidents to crack down is by no means assured in advance. It
strikes me that your analysis leads to undue pessimism about our ability to
win the working class to a defense of democratic rights.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 08-Aug-1996

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