Vladimir Bilenkin azarov at
Thu Aug 8 21:09:58 MDT 1996

In one crucial aspect this list is no different from bona fide
bourgeois ones.  Nothing changes.  There is no sense of progress,
accumulation, growth.  There is no continuity, except of a scandalous
or sectarian kind.  Above all, there is no any collective undertaking,
any project which would have a beginning and an end and would make a
contribution to our cause. In short, the list is socialist only in a
superficial way, i.e. re its rhetorical content. But it is purely
bourgeois re its use.

What if we compile a list of possible projects (with at least some
justification and applicability for each )  and see what we are up to.
I can think immediately of two:

1.	Mapping the world, i.e. analysing the state of the
revolutionary process around the globe in a systematic and planned
way.  The end result of this work could be a report on the prospects
and effective strategies of the world socialist movement which could be
useful for both local/national struggles and larger organizational
efforts, like a new International.

2. Form on the basis of this list an international committee to get
Robert Malecki back to US by Christmas.  I cannot think of any direct
justification or applicability of this project but it could strengthen
our spirit of comradership and non-sectarianism.


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