About the need to criticize capitalist democracy

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Thu Aug 8 23:08:25 MDT 1996

Karl Carlile wrote:
> Hans: You still fudge the matter in hand. You entirely ignore my point
> concerning democratic structures. If there are to be no bourgeois,
> petty bourgeois or proletarian democratic structures on Spoon then
> what kind of procedures are on Spoon! The only answer can be non-democratic
> procedures.
> You simply single out one aspect of the points I made in the
> message concerned and ignore all the others. The point is that a
> clearly established constitution based on principles of democracy can
> only facilitate discussion.
>                                                             Karl
>                               Yours etc.,
>                                          Karl
> Karl,

As I understand it; Spoon is a group of people who got together to run a
number of email lists with the help of computer space at Jefferson
Village. Whether they have a constitution or not is their business not
ours. We are their guests on this list and we should put forward our
constructive views to the members of Spoon, but not forget that it is
*their* list. I would get pretty pissed off if someone tried to interfere
in my work without any real knowledge  of it. If you want a list with a
constitution.....start one up, and run it the way you think it should be

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