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Matt D. afn02065 at
Fri Aug 9 10:00:15 MDT 1996

Jorn Anderson, on digesting everyone:

>It would also make it technically impossible for subscribers to use built-in
>*filters*, which is a feature of a growing number of modern mail programmes.
>Such filters are useful for several purposes, one of which is to put mail
>from specific persons in the Trash (or any other mail-) box right away. But
>they can also be used to sort mail with specific "keywords" in different
>mailboxes. This will be impossible if we are forced to use digests only.

I agree completely.  If anyone would like help setting up filters, feel free
to drop me a line about the mail program you're using and we'll see what
we can do.

It makes the list a much more relaxing place, I promise you!

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