Query on NLR editorial board change.

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Fri Aug 9 12:07:01 MDT 1996

    I just noticed (almost 4 years after the fact, that between
Number 196 (Nov/Dec 92) and 197 (Jan/Feb 93) the list of editors
for New Left Review changed radically. Up through 1992 it had a
large "Editorial Committee" (including Norman Geras and Ellen
Wood) and a somewhat shorter list of "Associate Editors." Then with
issue 197, the "Editorial Committee" disappeared and the "Associate
Editors" became the "Editorial Board," the latter including most
but not all of those who had been Associate Editors.

    Does anyone on the list has information on this? Was it "merely"
structural, or does the disappearance of Wood and Geras have significance
for the political direction of that publication? Wood and Geras together
account for a substantial part of the really memorable articles that
have appeared in NLR over the last decade or so.


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