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Fri Aug 9 12:16:38 MDT 1996

    In response to Bos's question. I did not vote from 1965 through
1987. I then voted in the Illinois Primary (for Jackson and myself as
a delegate) in 1988; I don't regret that. I do regret very much that
for some reason I can no longer fathom I also voted in the general
election for that creep Dukakis. Since then I have registered and
"voted"--with a blank ballot unless there was some worthwhile referendum
to vote for or against. One way to express this is in terms of a bumper
sticker some anarchist group put out in 1976: "Don't vote in '76; it
will only encourage them." The reasons Matt gives in his response
below are quite good. We (the left) are too weak to launch an organized
boycott, let alone run progressive candidates, but surely it is
shameful to vote for Clinton or all but a very few members of Congress.
The local Democratic candidate for Congress boasts of her "fiscal
responsibility." That is the general label for the current attack
on the working class in the United States.
Matt D. writes:

> Bos wrote:
> >I think that this person must be barking up the wrong tree here. I would
> >hope that everyone who could vote did vote. If anyone on the list didn't;
> >it would be interesting to know why.
> I don't vote, nor am I registered to vote.  But let me turn your
> question around... why should anyone vote?  I had a friend
> who voted for Clinton in '92.  It is something about which I to
> this day mercilessly tease him.
> The folks who were killed in his cruise missile "warning" to Iraq would
> probably feel that this teasing doesn't go far enough.
> Which is not to say I'd refuse to sit around and knock back a few
> whiskies w/ old Bill.
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