Open Letter to Malecki the Scum of the Earth

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<< Both Gina and a mutual friend of ours, a political
 opponent of mine actually, Marty S., has stated that
 Quispe is lying about my drunkeness, drug addiction
 and lumpeness.>>>

No, Jay, this is what I said (June 2, 1996):

>I do want to interject that the description of Jay offered by Marcelina
>is more than a bit exaggerated, but what do you expect "coming from
>a Jesuit like Gina,...and...this hare-brained rabble" as Adolfo says?
>(or from "the main classes in 'negative example'!"  in Rolf's words) For
>instance, his hair does NOT "sweep the floor", it only reaches his
>shoulder blades; he's not smelly and has never, as far as I know,
>been a Jehova's Witness; and, his disability is due to a real medical
>problem, NOT alcoholism or drugs, ...

And this a bit later ( to Jay, 96-06-04):

>>>>who can hardly walk by himself,
---a subjective observation
> he told us he was in permanent disability
----which is true
>for alcoholism and drugs.
---which is not true, but ...
> He looks drunk most of the time,
-----again, a subjective observation
> his hair sweeps the floor,
----true, if you bend over
> he is always with his bottle of liquor
----not true today, but ....
>under his wornout jacket,
----"wornout" again, a subjective observation
> a smelly guy
----OK, I corrected this terrible "lie", but again, it is a
     subjective observation.
> prone to petty violence, once our comrades
>in New York stopped him of turning upside down
>a table of a political opponent.
-----obviously an exaggeration.  You only talked about turning
-----over the table; the comrades only talked about stopping you
     [and, it was Boston, not New York]
>In another occasion, he throwed a bottle on the head of a RCP
-----on the other hand, didn't you ...

>>>Jay, this is an editorial cartoon in text form.  It is a caricature.
If it's so 100% lies like you say, and the line you are following
is so 100% correct, then why are you so afraid of this caricature?
Let your POLITICAL LINE expose what is true and what is false.

>>>I stand by this advice I gave you before on how to raise
criticism in a Maoist manner.  You claim you want to struggle
with me to win me over, but you have not been able to raise one
single actual criticism of Quispe, or one rational defense of the

>>>Try this formula:
  1) define precisely what is the behavior you are criticizing....
so there's no misunderstanding about what you are and are
not criticizing   .
  2) explain what exactly it is that you find incorrect about the
behavior, which could mean contrasting it with correct behavior
in a similar situation
  3) describe what you think should be done to correct the
situation at this point and avoid making the same error in the

 Sorry, Jay, but I have no direct knowledge about your current
lifestyle or habits.  I cannot vouch for you one way or another
as to your drug or alcohol use.  You and I have not worked
together politically for over two months now, and our social
circles barely overlapped at all for more than a year before that.

So, I have no more evidence of your "good proletarian behavior"
than you have that the MPP-U.S. is a "fake" or that it is "just
one guy in New York" or the "secret weapon of Avakian" or
whatever the current Adolfo-speak is.  You have chosen to fight
against the MPP with personal "exposure" and attack, not
political line; you uphold considering a fight against deportation
to be a "game".   DO NOT attempt to imply that I'm on your
side in that.

Gina/ Detroit

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