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Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Fri Aug 9 14:43:21 MDT 1996

NICK.HOLDEN at geo2.poptel.org.uk wrote:

> > Richard wrote:
> >
> > As I understand it; Spoon is a group of people who got together to run a
> > number of email lists with the help of computer space at Jefferson
> > Village. Whether they have a constitution or not is their business not
> > ours. We are their guests on this list and we should put forward our
> > constructive views to the members of Spoon, but not forget that it is
> > *their* list. I would get pretty pissed off if someone tried to interfere
> > in my work without any real knowledge  of it. If you want a list with a
> > constitution.....start one up, and run it the way you think it should be
> > run.
> Richard,
> But I want a Labour movement run in a different way to the current one. I
> cannot just start up an alternative Labour movement, or an alternative
> working class - I have to engage with the real one, and attempt to alter it.
> Likewise, Karl may well recognise the vauable potential of the marx*sm list,
> and wish to work with it, while adapting it (through democratic means) to be
> more useful in what he perceives to be the tasks of marxists. This is OK,
> no?
> We don't just leave political formations we want to operate differently, do
> we?
> NickH

Point taken Nick. I wasn't suggesting that anyone leave this list to form
another, but have both, and we can use this list in this way and the
other list in another way.

I think you said that you are a member of the Labour Party. Well you must
get fed up with the Sun "newspaper" telling you how to run your party,
don't you.
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