Agitate-organize! Don't Vote!

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Sat Aug 10 00:15:38 MDT 1996

dear friends,

Marxists want to use their  political efforts to raise the workers consciousness
and actions to a higher level. The democratic states voting mechanisms does
the exact opposite   in our epoch, discouraging and corrupting the workers.

Bourgeois parliamentarianism NO! Active abstentionism YES!

To advocate a vote for the open parties of  bribed capitalist/reactionary
or the various 'socialist'  wannabees on the ballot  is to throw your
principles  and programme away.
This is more true today as capitalism and its parties are launching the most
and vicious assaults on the workers livelihoods.All the bi-partisan winners on
Nov 5th will only join the cut-back, layoff, speed -up blitzkreig demanded by
the needs of the market and capital accumulation.

The active abstentionist position of communists to promote is a principal basis
for the creation of  effective class organizations of the workers.
NO vote agitation  means NO acceptance  of the legititimacy of bourgeois power
at least its state administration  of hightened exploitation of workers so
capitalism can  hard ride the workers more.

NO vote can break down some of the electoral mystification so as to deepen the
class divide. Do we want more illusions in congress and the president or
by the class vanguard via the socialist truth connected to the class?
The workers can easier rediscover itself when it has the conscoiousness and
combativiity  to dump the ballot and Congressional. Votes today  are a lure , a
weapon to delude the workers about the key decisions they make about their own

The capitalist state is cutting back the workers social and human services to
transfer MORE wealth back to the rich for accumulations sake. Even  Reforms
today cannot be won in elections but only through  building up active class
actions on the political and industrial fronts . Organized  Actions like those
recently of French, German, Belgian and Brazilian workers can show the way .

Mere abstention alone  is not enough. it must be active politically conscoius
Millions of workers today abstain, this is their righteous  disgust..
But this leads to renunciation of politics if militant activists , communists
are not
active inside the demos, meetings and rallies, in the communities of the class
and the workplaces  where workers congregate and some millions  are open  to
finding  a NEW way out.
Agitate  for class struggle organizing  even inside election rallies!

True, you don't "punish' the political swindlers and liars just by  watching
football and sit-coms on election day!
Socialist agitation alone is not enough either, also  we must activlely-
participate in all active struggles of the class in order to spread the will
and self-confidence to help re-organize mass struggle on a higher plane.
To arouse the the strength and conscoiusness  to fight better is also
to  smash the trap of bourgeios election circuses.

most of us can agree  that is this desperate period, only the  highest revival
serious class struggle  against the capitalist offensive can give substance to
a class strategy  that  supports the primacy of  organizing day to day struggles
in the communities and workplaces.

Communists don't  drop swindlers ballot papers in a box.
Leave the voting booths empty and fight  agitationally and organizationally
for revival of the workers class struggles and politics.


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