Trotskyists in WW2

Sat Aug 10 02:52:25 MDT 1996

Once upon a time...

>  >>  You, and I mean here the adherents of your school were huddled in the
> Orwell-Nazi-Japanese imperialist trenches calling for the overthrow of the
> Soviet regime during the War Against Fascism! <<Adolpho O
>  Jon Flanders:
>   I have absolutely no desire nor the time to get into a flame war with
> Adolpho, but the statement that Trotskyists were all on the side of Hitler
> during WW2 is simply wrong.
>   In Europe, Trotskyists for the most part ended up in Hitler's
> camps. Perhaps in the heat of the debate you engaged in a little
> overkill. But it doesn't help your case on Peruvian questions, matters of
> immediate interest and solidarity, to paint with such a broad brush.
> by the way, was not a Trotskyist.

I'm not sure where the following text comes from, it is a single photocopied
page in my possession, but it seems relevant here, I think....

"...Quatrieme Internationale, theoretical review of the European Secretariat
formed in 1943, after a few duplicated issues, also appeared in printed form
beginning in late 1943. Special mention must be made of a printed organ in
German, Arbeiter und Soldat, aimed at propaganda among the German soldiers
in France and other countries of Europe. Also a publication of the European
Secretariat, it had as editor Comrade Paul Widelin, a German emigre

"Arbeiter und Soldat was the only organ of revolutionary Marxism in German;
its daring distributionamong German soldiers cost the lives of several
German comrades, soldiers and civilians, and of French comrades associated
with this work.
"The death of comrade Pouliopoulos is no less characteristicof the human
quality and the mettle of several of our comrades who carried the banner of
the Fourth International during the second world war. Comrade Pouliopoulos,
in prison since 1939, was executed with three other Trotskyists in June
1943, chosen among the first victims of fascist repression in Greece. He
made a speech to the soldiers of the execution squad in their own tongue,
producing a real mutiny among them so that they refused to fire. And it was
finally the officers who had to fire. Our comrades fell, not for the
"Fatherland", not for "Democracy", but for the revolution and for



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