About the need to criticize capitalist dem

NICK.HOLDEN at geo2.poptel.org.uk NICK.HOLDEN at geo2.poptel.org.uk
Sat Aug 10 03:34:54 MDT 1996

> > But I want a Labour movement run in a different way to the current one.
> > cannot just start up an alternative Labour movement, or an alternative
> > working class - I have to engage with the real one, and attempt to alter
> > Likewise, Karl may well recognise the vauable potential of the marx*sm
> > and wish to work with it, while adapting it (through democratic means)
to be
> > more useful in what he perceives to be the tasks of marxists. This is
> > no?
> >
> > We don't just leave political formations we want to operate differently,
> > we?
> >
> > NickH
> >
> Point taken Nick. I wasn't suggesting that anyone leave this list to form
> another, but have both, and we can use this list in this way and the
> other list in another way.
> I think you said that you are a member of the Labour Party. Well you must
> get fed up with the Sun "newspaper" telling you how to run your party,
> don't you.

Well, kind of. I get angry about the leadership paying more attention to the
Sun than to the rank-and-file, but mostly because the Sun is anti-Labour.
What we were discussing was the right of a participant in the list to
question its structure. That is not really the same thing, I think.



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