NLR editorial board change

Chris Burford cburford at
Sat Aug 10 03:29:00 MDT 1996

Carrol enquired for information about these changes which occurred 3 years

I recall a rather journalistic article in the Guardian (London) I think
around this time and two points in it.

When it came to the crunch, Robin Blackburn knew the fine print of
the power structures of the journal (indeed it has come out very regularly

Secondly on political line the one issue that was mentioned was Yugoslavia.
I think the group that lost out favoured a position more sympathetic to
the socialist Serbs versus the democratic Bosnians. The latest issue
features a review of US policy in Yugoslavia and elsewhere, and although
I have not read the article, it looks as if it could be consistent with

No doubt there were other conflicts, organisational problems and
personal mistrusts which got focussed in this split, as is normal.


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