The Evolution of Cuban Communism or Cuban Socialism?

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Sat Aug 10 06:55:46 MDT 1996

You may like Cuba for one or another reason but that is no reason to
apologize for what is wrong there.  There is no democracy in Cuba  -- period
 -- exclamation point.  Let's face that reality.   There is none within the
CCP either.  This wrong and is anti-socialist and is not to be rationalized
with talk of "the specific circomstances", etc.  That's the old Stalinist
line which I had hoped had come in disfavor these days.

My point about Cuba's "revolutionary" 35 years was to suggest that not all
those years were tthat revolutionary.  Cuba abandoned (rightly or wrongly)
encouraging revolutionary activity decades ago.  Its revolutionary activity,
when it was more robust, was always limited by:

1) its advocacy of Stalinist positions (like its opposition to the Czech

2) Its internal repressions.

By the way, when I did make my ptich about Cuba at the 1979 SWP Convention, I
got a large round of applause.  the problem was those clazpping had no votes.
 They were the international delegations, largely supporters of Ernest

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