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>Che summed up the spirit of the system as follows:
>"We propose a centralized system of economic management based on
>rigorous supervision within the enterprises, and, at the same time,
>conscious supervision by their directors. We view the entire economy
>as one big enterprise. In the framework of building socialism, our aim
>is to establish collaboration between all the participants as members of
>one big enterprise, instead of treating each other like little wolves."

Supervision by the directors!  Accounting and control is not equal to
socialism, Louis, it is just a condition for the successful implementation
of socialism.  Lenin spoke of the "machinists taking over the wheel of the
state".  The accounting and control which all Leninists, including Stalin
and Chairman Mao speak about is socialist accounting and control, accounting
and control as a means of the implementation of the proletarian
dictatorship, accounting and control by the workers and Soviets OVER the
directors.  Supervision over the directors and not BY the directors!

You make Lenin into a an actuarian!  I will now feel compelled to publish
the accounts - from their own mouths and testimony in the Moscow Trials - of
some of these "Soviet" directors and of their activities to "supervise

Now we shall see who were the "accountant and controllers" for Leninist
socialist construction and who the "accountant and controllers" for the
bourgeois restaorationists and agents of the imperialist bourgeoisie.

I think it is fair to defend the Soviet Union from the charges of having
been nothing but a mess and a concentration camp to boot.  Anyone who wants
to win workers to socialism with that vision of history is, wittingly or
unwittingly, a propagandist for Hara-kiri.

Today the British paper the Guardian refers to Yeltsin's inauguration as the
"inauguration of Russian democracy".  Fascism as democracy!  And how do you
propose to challenge this world view if you begin by asserting, that, oh
yes, the Soviet Union was nothing but a concentration camp where the workers
were forced to work by the leash and by repression?

Nothing but a valley of tears run by an oriental Satrap using fascist
dictatorship over the working people who uselessly died in a silly
experiment, when they could just as well have avoided 20,000,000 casualties
by peacefully surrendering to the Nazis, who, after all, were only doing
exactly the same of what you accuse Stalin of doing:  running a nation like
a concentration camp and behaving like an Oriental Satrap with delusions of
grandeur.  Logically, if you believe this, then Yeltsin indeed will
certainly sound like the "Inauguration of democracy" while all around him
the slaughter goes on!.

At the end of the day, it is a question of class position!  It is a question
of standing with and for the proletariat, or with and for the imperialist

Tonight I will transcribe the declarations of the "Soviet managers" working
for the "oppositionist" in regards their "oen accounting and control
practices".  You use your innuendo and the collected gossip of the "emigres"
and anti-Soviet propagandists to butress your case, we will use the words of
your Trotskyst heroes, and of Trotsky himself.


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