The Evolution of Cuban Communism or Cuban Socialism?

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Sat Aug 10 11:35:14 MDT 1996

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, Michael Hoover wrote:

> > 1) I met a fine old man who had once corresponded with Trotsky who supported
> based on my own experience, I think that elements in the generation now
> coming of age in Cuba are important to the country's future direction...
> too young to have had any personal/collective involvement with the
> insurrection...some (many?) not interested in the ideological line (and
> tired of their parents' stories), in their early 20s,

Louis: I heard one of these young people at the Socialist Scholars
Conference last April. He was in his late 20s or late 30s and with the
philosophy department of the University of Havana. He said that people
>from his generation have grown up educated and take the benefits of the
revolution for granted. What they are seeking is to take control of
society and promote a socialism in line with their own vision, rather than
Fidel's from 35 years ago. These people are not pro-capitalist. They
remind me a lot of the Sandinistas I got to know in Nicaragua.

My defense of Fidel Castro is not one of the typical worshipper from afar.
Many of my own criticisms have been strongly influenced by reports from
Saul Landau of the Institute for Policy Studies, who is pro-Cuba but
believes change is necessary.

As citizens of the US and other imperialist countries, our job is not to
wag our finger like Tim Wolforth does and say, "Bad Fidel, very bad." Our
efforts should be directed toward lifting the blockade and ending the
economic pressure.

Last night I heard from Dave Wald, one of the original Tecnica members. He
is involved with a project to get computers to Cuba for medical research.
He asked me if I could put up some people for the project in November when
a medical convention is held in NY. I said sure. This is the same outfit
that had a big hassle with US authorities at the border when their trucks
bound to Mexico, carrying computers for Cuba, got apprehended. This
fucking pantload Bill Clinton hates Cuba just as much as Reagan did. This
is supposed to be a lesser evil? Give me a break.

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