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[I'm forwarding the below newsgroup posting by Magnus R. to
this list, to show one fairly common line of reasoning.
I don't share his views here. See also my reply to Doug H.,
as part of the debate on these subjects. - RM]

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At 1:00 AM 7/29/96, Rolf Martens wrote:=20

> Furthermore, the chemical fuels are always called "fossil fuels"=20
> by all the media etc, by the entire present-day inquisition. This=20
> implies that the theory of their being of biological origin is=20
> correct, which would also mean that these resources were=20
> comparatively scarce - another "reason" for limiting their use. In=20
> reality, the carbon hydrates from which these energy sources=20
> stem are of cosmic origin.=20

There is everything between sunken wood, browncoal and coal available=20
which clearly indicates that at least some of it is fossilized=20
biomass. All of it is of course of cosmic origin from when the earth=20
formed and it would not suprise me at all if biological processes=20
were the most powerful ones to concentrate the available carbon in the=20
atmosphere and the carbon baking out of the core from heavy element=20
decay heat.=20

I would be very surprised if there were no releases at all of carbon=20
compund from below the crust. But that dosent mean that the ammounts=20
have to be significant. Is this proposed influx of hydrocarbons a=20
technically useful quantity? I would guess no. Is it measurable? I=20
would guess maybe. Someone ought to try to measure it.=20

But regardless of the size of the hydrocarbon resources we must ask=20
ourselves if we want to use all of them. When thinking about how=20
their use affect the environment and might affect the climate my=20
answer is NO. We need to use better bulk energy sources as soon as=20
possible, nuclear, solar and perhaps thermal. But developing countries=20
do of course have to use a lot of oil to industrialise so their=20
people can live good lives and dont have to erode their environment=20
by living only with a day to day view.=20

This means that the countries depending on oil exports dont have to=20
fear new energy sources, they will have their markets for manny=20
decades even if we build nuclear and other powerplants as quick as we=20
can. If they invest wisely in infrastructure the mid east will be a=20
garden when the time for oil incomes has gone. (The Norwegians are=20
investing in industries and are turning their mountains into swiss=20
cheese to travel easier within their country ;-) )=20

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