Trotskyists in WW2

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I think that text is from the USEC/SWP's "Education for
Socialists' series. I'll try to track it down for you over the

For more material on the trotskyists in WW2 see :

Revolutionary History Vol 3, No 4, Autumn 1991 "Imperialist War
and National Resistance", which includes Pierre Broue's review
of the available literature, as well as several documents by
Daniel Guerin.

RH Vol 2, No 2, Summer 89, contains 'Danish trotskyism in WW2',
by Borge Trolle (There should be a diagonal across the first o
in there but my software will throw it away)

RH Vol 1, No 3, Autumn 88, on the theme 'War & Revolution in
Europe 1939 - 45'

The Spartacists, as Prometheus Research Library, published a
re-examination of the Proletarian Military Policy and of the
role of different trotskyist groups in relation to resistance
movements in WW2.

Also, the spartacists translated and republished a manifesto
>from revolutionary internationalist prisoners in one of the Nazi
death camps, can't find the issue straight off, it was in
Spartacist sometime in the mid-80s.

Cahiers Leon Trotsky No 23 Sept 85 was a special issue on
Trotsky & the trotskyists faced with WW2. This was followed up
in the Sept 89 and Sept 90 issues.

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