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Here's an update from DHKC on the situation in Turkish prisons.

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News from Turkish papers, August 8, 1996.

5 Terrorists arrested in Adana.
5 Terrorists-members of the illegal organisation DHKP-C were arrested in
They allegedly planned several actions in protest against the death of
prisoners. (Hurriyet)

Physicians accused before Judicial Medical Institute.
The prisoners in the E-type prison of Yozgat sent a complaint to the Judicial
Medical Institute. The physicians are not giving them the needed treatment.
the treatment is not started soon, many prisoners will remain ill and
On July 27, 1996, before they were brought to hospital, only the blood
and the amount of sugar in the blood were measured. Then the prisoners were
brought to hospital, handcuffed, were they were given 3 kg. of serum. After
the physicians wanted to send the prisoners back. According to them on order
the chief prosecutor and the commander. The health situation of Selmani Ozcan
and Serdal Gelir is deteriorating. (Demokrasi)

Arrested after visiting prison.
On August 5, Nazife Yasar, Sevil Ugur, Sahsenem Erdogan and Ismail Kalkan
arrested after visiting the Sagmalcilar prison. The magazine Hedef reported
this was an attempt to prevent the relatives form visiting the prisoners,
however, this would not be successful. (Demokrasi)

Hunger strike in Erzurum on 26. day.
44 prisoners started a hunger strike for an indefinite period in the prison
Erzurum in protest against the repression in this jail. The other prisoners
on hunger strike in shifts. Relatives reported that three prisoners, Ahmet
Yasar Kaya and another prisoner have been put in isolation. ((Demokrasi)

Terror in front of the prison.
The promised rights, granted after the 69 day long hunger strike in which 12
prisoners fell, are not being honoured. The promised relocation of the
in Eskisehir to Umraniye has not taken place. One of the most important
of the prisoners, stopping the attacks against the relatives, has not been
honoured yet. Last Tuesday, relatives were arrested in front of Sagmalcilar
prison. This morning some 200-250 people, who wanted to visit their relatives
Sagmalcilar, were taking into custody. Among them were 3 correspondents of
Kurtulus, Ozcan Ozkulu, Ayten Ozturk and Nimet Ozturk, and the representative
the "Platform for Rights and Freedom", Oya Gokbayrak. Ozcan Ozkulu and some
other people were released afterward. (Kurtulus News Centre)

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