The Evolution of Cuban Communism or Cuban Socialism?

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I would have replied to this ........I can't think of a polite word! But
I will not talk to someone who does not use his name. Is this some kind
of statement Mr.TimW333521?

By the way, There is a new page on the NCPB site entitled "Cuba-A
paradise in peril" by Linda Clair and George Abendstern who visited Cuba
earlier this year. I think it is quite relevent to this discussion, but
maybe too long to post on the list.The Cuban people are trying to acheive
Socialism in extreamly adverse conditions. Socialist/Communist/Marxists
should be siding with them against a massively stronger imperialist
country. If I wrote what I think of the so-called socialists who are
happy to side with Clinton and the Cuban Mafia I would be getting back to
the sort of list that we are trying to get away from. I will write some
more tomorrow when I have cooled down a bit!
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