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Sat Aug 10 15:56:27 MDT 1996

 >> What about you drafting it Jonathan? <<

  A little sandbagging Adolpho?

  Well, I think I am ways from knowing enough yet to take a position that
implicitly endorses the PCP, which seems to be what you are asking for. I
can't on the basis of an Internet mailing list alone come to such a decision.
As far as US intervention, I am against it unconditionally, even if I thought
the PCP was off the track. I know for you this is not enough.

 Perhaps if I had the time and money to visit Peru, which alas I don't, my
decision making would be speeded up. This is a problem Peruvians have vis a
vis the US. Cuba, Mexico and Central America are close at hand, and people can
and do easily visit themselves. To most Americans, Peru, Chile and Argentina
seem very far away.

 I think you tend to give greater weight to the significance of debate on this
list than can be borne under current circumstances. It is not like a
convention where a vote is taken and a position is adopted. You should be
content for now to have at least opened some minds to an alternative view of
the struggle in Peru.

  The reason that a movement has not arisen to stop US intervention in Peru is
the same as the reason nothing has stopped the intervention in Mexico, Turkey
and other places. That is that up til now, no significant numbers of US forces
have been committed, and the mass media can hide what goes on. When the Gulf
war erupted, I and thousands of others marched in Washington against it. Bush
cut off anti-war organizing by ending the war very quickly.

 There are small groups of radicals doing work around Mexico, Peru, and Cuba
now. Even if their numbers were increased tenfold, without a troop committment
getting the attention of the working class, the current reality would stand.

 What I and others appreciate is a civil discussion of Peru and other topics
on this list. I think we have made some progress on that.

  Jon Flanders

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 10-Aug-1996


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