Ken's info on agent William Palomino (the "Qu/Cco")

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sat Aug 10 17:12:57 MDT 1996

In an eyeNET issue posted recently, there was some, to
the revolutionaries, quite valualuable further information
on William Palomino (this name seems to be the best bet for
his real one), who has been posting profusely as a supposed
"PCP supporter" under the names "Luis Quispe" and "Marcelina
Ccorimanya" and who has apparently also outside of the Net
been using some different names, but who a couple of months
ago was completely exposed as an agent of US imperialism.

One of this agent's friends and supporters has been raving
a little against this, calling Ken Campbell, who collected
and brought that wholesome information, a "snicth" and what-not
for doing so.

This of course has been an attempt at putting things upside-down.
If you bring such details about revolutionaries, or about
opponents in general of imperialism, which are helpful to the
reactionary authorities, then you may rightly be called
a "snitch". Bringing information about agents of imperialism
is something completely different and opposite.

The line inherent in bringing further details about exposed
agents, on more precisely how they operate etc, is of course
a line of aiding revolution in the world. The line of teaming
up with such agents is a line of counter-revolution. However
much you try to gallop away from that, you'll not succeed,

Rolf M.

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