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Subject:       Protest Actions re Sison Asylum
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Press Statement
By Jose Maria Sison
August 5, 1996

I wish to thank Karapatan (the largest human rights center in
the Philippines) and SELDA (the association of former politi
cal prisoners) as well as Atty. Romeo T. Capulong, chairman of
Philippine Peace Center, and Rev. Irineo Gordoncillo, Karapa
tan chairperson, for issuing statements of support on my
asylum case in the Netherlands.

I am deeply pleased that they have pointed out the dangers
that I face were I to return to the Philippines and have
protested the unjust decision of the Dutch justice ministry to
expel me and my family from the Netherlands on political
grounds in violation of the Refugee Treaty of Geneva and the
European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

I am also thankful to all organizations and individuals that
are planning to hold mass protest actions against the decision
of the Dutch justice ministry to deny my application for
asylum and expel me from the Netherlands on August 15, 1996,
together with my wife Julie and son Jasm.

I have been informed that a mass protest action is going to be
held on August 14 from 13:00 to 15:00 hours in The Hague,
Netherlands, from Malieveld to the Dutch justice ministry

This protest action is organized by the International Campaign
for the Sison Family, the Filipino Refugees in the Netherlands
(FREN), the Dutch Committee for Political Asylum for the
Sisons Now, Bayan International and PRIE (Participating Refu
gees in Europe).

Mass protest actions are also slated to be held before Dutch
embassies in Manila and other capitals of the world. BAYAN
International and the International Campaign for the Sison
Family are coordinating these mass actions.#

Sgd. Jose Maria Sison

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