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Prof. Jose Maria Sison was born in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur on
February 8, 1938.  He is married to Julieta de Lima.  They are
living in The Netherlands at the moment together with their
14-year old son, Jasm.

The following is a chronology of the political asylum case of

1987-1988: University lecture tour in Western Europe.

September 1988: False charges against Sison under the
Anti-Subversion Law in the Philippines as pretext of Aquino and
the military for the cancellation of his Philippine passport
while he was in The Netherlands.

October 1988: Sison applied for political asylum in The

July 1989: One million pesos offered by the Manila government for
the head of Sison and 500,000 pesos for that of his wife who did
not face any kind of charge. Nieuwe Revu journalist Ruigrok
offered US$200,000 by 2 AFP colonels to bring JMS to RP Embassy
in The Hague.

13 July 1990: First negative decision of the Dutch Justice
Ministry. An appeal was made against this decision.

17 December 1992: First favorable decision of the Raad van
State (Council of State, the highest administrative court in
The Netherlands), nullifying the decision of the Justice
Ministry.  At around this time, the Anti-Subversion Law was
repealed and the charge against Sison became legally baseless.

November 1994: Resolution by prosecutors in the Philippines to
dismiss the murder charge made against Sison in 1991 against
Sison (related to the Plaza Miranda bombing of 1971). The
prosecutors decided that the charge was based on pure

3 March 1993: Second negative decision of the Dutch Justice
Ministry. Another appeal was made.

21 February 1995: Second favorable decision of the Raad van
State, deciding the following:

1. That Sison is a political refugee with a well-grounded fear of
persecution in the sense of the Refugee Treaty of Geneva;

2. That he cannot be sent to the Philippines and needs protection
under Article 3 of the European Convention for the Protection of
Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

8 May 1996: Alien Court's decison to nullify the argument of the
Dutch justice ministry that it stood by its 1990 decision and to
compel the Justice Ministry to make a new decision.

4 June 1996: Third negative decision of the Justice Ministry.

18 July 1996: negative decision of Justice Ministry with an
expulsion order within four weeks from July 18, unless an
appeal is made before August 15.

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