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Adolfo goes poetical in his last, and creates an iambic pentameter so
broken-backed Bottom ('I will roar you as 'twere any nightingale') would
have been proud of it:

>>        "My name is Hugh Rodweel Trotsky, Fool of Fools:

11 syllables, and dig the rhythmic variation in mid-line!

>>        Look on my lack of works, ye proletariat, and laugh!"

14 syllables!

>>        Nothing was ever done but emit gases of decay

13 syllables -- and a limper limping 'pentameter' I've yet to see.

>>        Of that colossal Trotskyst revolution, boundless and bare,

15 syllables, and Adolfo's record in just five lines. Shelley would have
been proud. Non-native and yet able to stuff fifteen whole syllables into a
pentemeter. Shelley *never* managed fifteen syllables, and poetry was his
whole life. His remains are green with envy.

Point of fact (trivial really, given Adolfo's way with poetic license, but
let's put it in a footnote) -- Trotsky was an *actual* leader of the
October revolution, in the *actual* *revolutionary* Bolshevik party, in the
real life Russian events that *brought into existence* the 'mighty hearts
of the Soviet ... people'. *Leading* leader. Not skulking in party offices
like Stalin, wishing the whole business would go away.

>>        The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Now this line's not too bad! And it's got the right number of syllables.
Wonder how Adolfo managed that?

>>        1817

And look! The date's right, too!

>>Joe would have got short shrift from him.

And, I'm afraid, Adolfo, too. Good job Shelley's where savage indignation
can no longer lacerate his breast.

Adolf-O gave us a commentary.

>Stalin does not live in monuments.  Those are only stone,

and a hell of a lot of very unnecessary stone there was, too.

>it lives in the
>mighty hearts of the Soviet and world people.

'It' ekes out a dwindling existence in the lunatic ravings of Adolfo and
the Stalin Society. It's heritage is still with us in the way the world
looks today, in the terrible shape of the workers' states and the
Two-Stage, class-collaborationist policies of the PCP and the SACP.

>So does, Shelly, a poet with
>a truly pure soul and an acme of humanity.

The name is *Shelley*. He hated tyranny, lies and hypocrisy. He had great
taste in places, loving Pisa, and great taste in women, loving Mary.

>Rodwell, Trotsky, et Co live in
>the Daily Mail building and the MI6 complex across the Thames, diting
>monument to their despicable role!

Ah yes, a translator faithful to the spirit of the original! And such a way
with words:


Savour it!

Let this posting be a *diting* monument to Adolfo's scrupulous use of
language and his flawless style.

And a *diting* rejoinder to all who would besmirch the Eagle of the
Caucasus or his trusted lieutenant the Condor of Clapham Common!



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