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CAGJimKane at wrote:
> Comrade Richard Bos tells of the New Communist Party's abstention campaign in
> the Euro-elections a while back, adding that the problem with such campaigns
> is that their impact is soon fogotten. Is he suggesting that the low turn out
> figure that year had anything to do with the NCP's campaign? I suspect not,
> as he seems generally sound of mind. If he is suggesting this, then he is
> making the same mistake as the fly who sits in the side of an express train
> and imagines that he is propelling it along with his wing power.
> The NCP had a fierce internal discussion in its early years on whether it
> should seek to be a mass party, or a party with mass influence. It is of
> course neither, although its public pronouncements imply that it is the
> latter.
> What is needed is not delusion about our real strength, but an open admission
> of our weaknesses, and a serious approach towards rebuilding the movement
> that the working class so badly needs.

The point I was making about the Euro elections was that abstention
campaigns are ineffective, not the reverse as you imply.

I have never tried to pretend to this list that the NCPB is a large
organisation. If you read my postings you will see that I have said the
opposite. We have a constant battle just to pay the bills every month. It
is a miricle (if you believe in such things) that we survive at all. Our
members are very dedicated, and make great financial sacrifices for the
survival of an organisation that they feel has something to contribute to
the betterment of our class, and human kind.

Yes, I am of sound mind, and I have no illusions about the difficulty of
the situation for Communists in Britain. Yes, the NCPB is small, but
bigger than you suggest. Sadly the Communist movement is split between
the NCPB and the CPB and that really hampers our development. Luckily at
grass roots level, there is a good co-operation between the members of
both parties. I hope that things will develop to greater official
co-operation between the two parties. In the mean-time our movement
struggles along.

Jim Kane states that the NCPB stands with Blair. Well... all I can say is
that he can't of read anything that I have written on this list.

I am not going to get into slagging off Jim Kane's group, because I do
not think it would acheive anything positive.

I would write more, but there is a thunderstorm going on outside and I
had better turn this thing off before the power goes down.
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