Che Guevara on Socialist Construction

Sun Aug 11 14:32:08 MDT 1996

> >> right on with Orwellian terms and basing yourself on the gossip and
> >innuendo
> >> of the bourgeoisie and nothing else.
> >
> > much Orwell have you read, comrade?
> >
> >"basing himself on the gossip and innuendo of the bourgeoisie and nothing
> >else"
> >
> >Wigan Pier?
> >
> >NickH
> >
> I am not questioning Orwell literary skills, just his class position and
> thoroughly documented role as an agent of British imperialism in
> and laying the basis of the black anti-socialist legend against comrade
> Stalin, socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet
> Union.

Comrade, you miss the point. Orwell wrote The Road to Wigan Peir after
living and working with large numbers of working class people, and reporting
on their lives. Throughout his journalistic career he made a point of
experiencing the things he intended to write about. Thus his trip to Spain.
Hence "basing himself on the gossip and innuendo of the bourgeoisie and
nothing else" is pure vitriol, and weakens any case you might have had
against his political ideas. Can you not accept that Orwell, or Louis, or
anyone else, might disagree with your interpretation of history without
needing theirscript written for them by MI6?

> Obviously, the British Labour Party (what does such a Fabian Party got to
> with Marxism beats me!)

Perhaps it is because we wish to relate to the actually existing working
class rather than one we dream up for the sake of our fantasy socialist

> generations of Bristish working class youth were brought up in Orwellism,
> precisely as a consequence of the social-chauvinistic policies of the
> "Labour" British imperialist party in education.  Or are you to deny that
> the Labour Party is but the expression of British imperialism with a
> "socialist" mask?

Deny it? I'm too busy laughing at it, comrade.

> In my opinion, the British Labour Party, the chieftain of
> and the enemy and betrayer of the British working class, whose stinking
> is thoroughly documented and established, has nothing to contribute to
> Marxism, and no one who belongs to that party and still claims Marxism and
> babbles this or that formula to fool people after a history of 5 Labour
> imperialist governments and a century of deception, can escape the label
> windbag opportunist Number 1.

So the British working class (who will shortly engage in the only level of
class struggle they have an understanding of, by kicking out a Tory
government and electing one they perceive as 'theirs' - a Labour one) are
also agents of social-imperialism?

Death the agents of social-imperialism, death the British working class, eh?

Windbag opportunist #1

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