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Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Sun Aug 11 16:01:12 MDT 1996

Nick H,  in his own uniquely befuddled way, writes:

> One or two people havetried to suggest that I am a pot calling the kettle
black by being in the
>Labour Party yet condemning the CPUSA for calling for a vote for Clinton. I
>would have thought the difference is clear.  I do not 'call for a vote for
Blair'. I fight to transform the UK Labour
>movement. That necessitates being in it, rather than on the outside of it.

Nick,  I don't know whether to laugh or cry.    So Communists would be
better off to abandon independent political action altogether and join the
Democrat Party to fight to "transform" it from "within."    Surely,  my
friend,  you jest.    And, as I have stated half a hundred times,  I
disagree with the Party leadership in their decision to support Clinton and
the Democrats.     Next to yours,  however, their decisions appear almost

 >Do you seriously believe that the way to build a serious revolutionary
>movement is to start by pretending that voting for Clinton will improve
>people's lives? I.e. first you lie to the workers, then you recruit them,
>then you send them out to change the world. Oh, you have to re-program them
>first, though.

Nick,  I suggest you pour yourself a good stiff shot of Old Overholt, sit
down in a chair equipped with arm rests, my posts.    I
specifically denounced the decision to support Cllinton or most Democrats in
the 1996 elections.    I argued,  instead,  for a Communist Party-led
campaign in as many regional and state races as possible as part of an
important first step toward agitating for a socialist agenda on any number
of important issues.    Participating in a straightforward and principled
way in the current political milieu,  while continuing our important work in
the trade unions,  the communities,  and elsewhere, would,  I feel,  go a
long way in sinking deep roots among the mainstream of America's working
class.    This is where it has to begin.    This is where we build our
credibility as communists.     This is the beginning of a viable alternative
to bourgeois politics.    This stage cannot be skipped or separated from our
other work for the sake of economy.    You have your way of "transorming"
the political landscape.    This--with all its flawed ambiguities--is mine.

Louis Godena

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