On Clinton and the Communist Party

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sun Aug 11 16:14:29 MDT 1996

Nick H tells us, quite frankly that leftists:

>.... find working inside the LP [Labour Party] difficult in a period of
defeat such as the last
>fifteen years. Dissent is not tolerated, and space for Marxists is limited.

However, coincidentally, he himself does not:

> *work with* the right wing of the LP - I seek to replace them. I do
>not join with the LP leadership in common fights for particular things - I
>try to wrest the leadership of the Labour movement away from them.

So Mr Nick,  himself nobody's damn fool,   "seeks" to "replace" the "right
wing" of the Labour leadership, working "inside" a party where "dissent is
not tolerated," and where "space" for "Marxists" is--in his
words--"limited."     All the time putting the CPUSA in the dock for
"supporting" the "lesser of two evils" against the Republicans!

Nick,  in your words,  "Why?" and "How?"

Louis Godena

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