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Sun Aug 11 17:37:13 MDT 1996

Hi Richard, don't

> Anyway, I think that Nick seems to confirm what I said about not
> deserting our friends in the Labour Party. It is very easy to stand on
> the outside throwing stones, and accusing everyone of being a "Blairite",
> but it doesn't get you anywhere.

True. Glad you feel I've been comradely. Hope you still think so after
reading my postings from this evening!

There is a need on the left to remember the difference between debate and
self-promotion. We're often not very good at the former, and rather too good
at the latter. Criticism can be sharp, and witty, and aggressive, and that's
fine, but if is not part of an attempt to promote debate and sharpen the
political perspective of the movement generally, then it is abuse, I would

> The Left in this country, as in any other, needs to work together to
> achieve realistic aims, and there is no way that we can do that taking
> Leftier-than-thou attitudes. If we really care, then Marxist politics has
> be be more than playing games. We have to fight the battles that we can
> win, when we can win them, and not sit in our cosy back room feeling smug
> and superior to the rest of the world. I have seen the sad characters who
> stand outside other peoples meetings calling on the people inside to do
> this, that, or the other, while the real world passes them by. I am
> involved in politics to make a better future for my kids, and I don't

Metaphorically speaking, don't you think that is essentially what you are
doing to the LP membership?
Standing outside, and calling on us to be more revolutionary. But not coming
in and helping us win the struggle inside the Labour Party that would make
that more possible?

I'd write more but the final 45 minutes of Murder One is on the way!


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