Trotsky's works in China

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According to Jj Plant:
> Greetings.
> You wrote recently :
> > In China it is almost impossible to find Trotsky's
> >works in print.  There are some works in The Beijing National
> Library
> >(the largest Library in Asia), but they are in French, and few
> Chinese
> >read French these days.
> Do you think it would be possible for Trotsky's works to be on
> offer in English in a public or university library, if a
> collection was donated ? Or would the bureaucrats find some way
> to restrict them, or not respond to the offer of a donation ? Or
> maybe there is an institute for the study of history where the
> material might be safely offered ?
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> jplant at

Greetings to J Plant from Wei En Lin

You can try to send them.  Chinese translations would be best
of course. The Beijing Public library has a policy whereby the
readers are moniored, and anyo book which is read by anyone is
made a matter of record. [monitored--any]

Whover recieves such a book could be endangered.  I would guess
that the works of Trotsky would end up in some exclusive
collection, where only a few scholars or bureaucrats would have
access to them.

Mail them to  Zhao Ziyang c/o the Chinese Communist Party.

He has nothing to lose, I imagine.


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