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Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Mon Aug 12 08:44:31 MDT 1996

Hashing over the CPUSA and Clinton the past few days,  I was again led to
wonder why Marxist parties in the English speaking countries lay in such a
disreputable state?

Surely part of the answer lies with the practice of relying too much on
full-time party cadre for not only day to day operations,  but for much of
the policy making, as well.     The full-timers are frequently people
unleavend by outside day to day experience in the real world (many of them,
in my experience,  have never held full-time jobs, have an unsatisfactory
work history,  numerous inter-personal difficulties, etc.).     This
naturally makes them prone to a certain political myopia that is aggravated
all the more by the daily exposure to their own dreadful propaganda, which
in many instances has only a tenuous connection to reality.     Add to this
five or ten dreary, poverty-stricken  years in a morose,  politically
oppressive environment and you have a fairly sound recipe for the normal
isolated ennui of most leftist groupings.   How can people so equipped
proceed to organize a revolutionary movement,  especially in a country as
complex and hetrogeneous as the United States?

Of course, this situation exists because of the stagnant isolation of the
American left,  its failure to integrate itself into the running stream of
American life.     The drafting of unsuitable or incompetent personalities
to accomplish fundamental tasks because there is simply no one else is the
bane of our existence.     This is one reason why I argue so passionately
for a communist politics that is part and parcel of the mainstream of
American political life.

Any comments?

Louis Godena

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