Gastarbeiter and uneven capital accumulation

Jorn Andersen jorn.andersen at
Mon Aug 12 09:15:16 MDT 1996

I think it would be worth examining the effects of:
- the much lower expenditure on arms by W Germany (and Japan) during most of
the boom years - ironically forced on them by the winners of WW2
- W Germany's access to bigger and more developed markets and technology

These I think are factors which far outweigh the effects of "Gastarbeitern"
>from Turkey or whereever.


At 17:04 08-08-96 EDT, Chris Burford wrote:

>How can we take this further? It will be difficult totally to prove
>whether one factor is primary over another, but could I invite you
>Barkley to put in rank order the three biggest factors that
>you think explains the greater material wealth of West Germany by
>comparison with East Germany, at unification.


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