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Subject:       NDF & CPP Statements on Turkish & Indonesian Events
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 16:33:28


The Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People's Army, the National Democratic Front and the broad masses of the Filipino people have firmly supported the revolutionary and antifascist political prisoners in Turkey in the course of their 69-day death fast and hunger strike since 20 May 1996 against the harsh conditions of their incarceration and against the worsening oppression and exploitation of the Turkish and Kurdish people.

The Turkish fascist authorities have made the conditions of political prisoners extremely inhuman and intolerable and have sought to isolate them from each other in stifling cells.  Hating what the political prisoners stand for, the fascists fear that their own prisons have become schools of revolution.  They seek to break the will of the political prisoners and wish to prevent them from performing their revolutionary role.  But the political prisoners have fought back courageously, selflessly and successfully.

In the face of the resolute death fast and hunger strike, the outrage of the people in Turkey and world public opinion in favor of the political prisoners, the Turkish fascist authorities have retreated and  accepted most of the demands of the political prisoners and have made promises to end the worst conditions of  imprisonment.

We pay the highest tribute to the 12 martyrs who have made the supreme sacrifice and to the hundreds who have suffered permanent or serious damage to their health.  We congratulate all the more than 2,000 political prisoners for their success in calling attention to their intolerable  conditions and to the plight of the people, in rousing the people to unite and intensify their revolutionary struggle and in compelling the Turkish counterrevolutionaries to retreat.

We salute the alliance of revolutionary parties and organizations for uniting to support the political prisoners and to fight the Turkish fascist authorities and the imperialists in connection with the death fast and hunger strike.  In the face of the increasingly harsh political conditions spawned by the worsening social crisis of the ruling system in Turkey, there is an urgent need for the revolutionary and antifascist forces and people to undertake a broad democratic mass movement.

Even as they have been compelled to make a retreat concerning the conditions of political prisoners, the Turkish fascist authorities continue to find and apply ways of putting the squeeze on the political prisoners, harming their physical and mental well-being, hampering worthwhile collective activities in prison and vilifying the political prisoners and their supporters in Turkey and abroad.  We condemn the tactics of terror and deception incessantly pursued by the Turkish fascists.  We must remain vigilant and militantly concerned.

The political prisoners have to continue their struggle in various forms.  They are inspiring the broad masses of the people outside of prison to intensify and raise their revolutionary struggle to a new and higher level in order to liberate themselves from the ruling system which is also a prison.

Amidst the worsening crisis of the world capitalist system and the new world disorder, the revolutionary movements of the Turkish and Kurdish peoples are brilliant and hopeful.  In their strategic part of the world, there are revolutionary parties and organizations striving to fight and defeat the imperialists and local reactionaries and realize national liberation, democracy and socialism.  #

Central Committee
Communist Party of the Philippines
7 August 1996

Note:  Please distribute this statement to the political prisoners and all parties and organizations supporting them in Turkey.

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