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Mon Aug 12 13:07:14 MDT 1996

Dear Louis,

Thank you for your up-front confessions of the general social  nature and
 jaded outlook of  some leading cadre of the CPUSA.
Personalisms and psychological rundowns though have a way of actually masking
what are at root political and class questions! I would rather stick to those
This is PART of your  dilemma in that outfit surely, and if you are sincere
about your subjective revolutionary impulse to fight this dead end of
pragmatism, cynicism and opportunism., i will not be sectarian toward you with
cheap shots & you have my sympathy.

I had experience years ago with the "leadership cult" in the old neo-maoist MLs
of the old exMLP. (Back in the 70s our Leader  gurus actually wore mao-style
eastern clothing too at the Party  Meetings/conferences ( "militant" seances??)!
Many of our leaders knew a lot about marxism, communism, etc but they also knew
a lot about maintaining power--for themselves and their toady like groupies
around them. This was a real achilles heel for the organization as a whole.

I am not an anarchist, for proletarian class battles  i believe, prove  we do
need leadership ability in developed political  organization  to effecticvly
capital and the state in the real world. However , there is the point about
rountinism, toadyism, and megalomania that has gone with the NON-REVOLUTIONARY
methods and Centrism  of most of the self-proclaimed  Marxist groups in the USA.
This goes for both theory and practice.
One part of the solution for revolutionaries forming up again to  try 2year
rotations in office maybe, 2 years leadership-2 years back in the workforce,
also all leaders should be instantly recallable and removed for using their
on a anti-revolutionary bourgeois  way. What do you think?

Louis G. , Workerism,ie being "close' to the class, even going to market and
church with them does not a revolutionary group make either!  If all you can do
is be welcomed along to  shop in mini-  malls,  bake sales,  pray in church on
Sunday and support labor fakers in the union..  I',m sorry, this is not a
passing grade for "communist day to day work". It is liberal do-gooder work ,
and has nothing to do with the political  preparations of the class in motion to
fight the rich..

That may be the reason the CPUSA also finds liberal bourgeois politics quite
the rage. (Even when workers are turning more away from it in disgust) for the
CP Doorbell ringing  for Roosevelt,  LBJ or Clinton is not  a big reach.


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