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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Aug 12 13:17:46 MDT 1996

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Louis R Godena wrote:

> did not readily possess, and could not, given the circumstances,  readily
> muster on its own behalf.    At some point,  we will be able to
> dispassionately analyze the strengths, as well as the shortcomings, of this
> era of our Party's history.    For now,  I believe it is more important to
> seize the moment as it now exists and to press forward with the work of
> building a revolutionary movement here in the US, in all its varied
> components.    No more urgent task awaits the serious communist today.

Louis P.: The candor of this reply tends to support my argument that
profound changes are taking place inside the CP worldwide and that it
should it not be dismissed as a "Stalinist" monolith.

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