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July 18th, 1996, 12:00 midnight

There came a storm.  A storm that rocked de tombs of Michigan City
Prisons disciplinary segregation unit and "X-Row" (death row) that was so
profound and so heartfelt that mere words are too inadequate to express
de electricity that flowed throughout de dark cave.

Convicts, particularly Arfikan men, expressed our Blak rage in solidarity
against de racist murder of our Brotha and comrad Ziyon Yisrayah by de
neo-kkkolonialist state.  As it stormed inside de tombs, so too did it
storm outside.  For de Blak Motha called "Universe", was also found
moaning de murder of her souljah.  With every kick and pounding We gave
to de rusty bars before Us, came thunder from de universe;  with every
spark of Blak rage from our hearts, came deep flashes of lightening from
Motha - then came de rain.

As We grieved de best way We knew how, de whole earth seemed to shake.
Soon you could not tell de difference between our grief and de universes:
Her pain was our pain;  Her rain and our tears were inseparable.  We had
all become one-verse (uni-verse).

i recall wondering as i kicked and shook de bars, if Ziyon could hear or
feel us.  Diz made me put all my energy into it, b'cuz i wanted him to
hear and feel us, inspite of distance between Us and de murder room.  i
remembered comrad Ajamu Nassor, Ziyon's rapy, whom de fascist pigs had
murdered in December of 94, and de storm grew.  You could feel de pain
>from de westside of seg. and even from beneath us in X-Row.  It was as if
We were trying to send a message out to Ziyon and We were all writing
with de same pen.  De message read: "We luv you Bro. and We will continue
to struggle for liberation.  Your blood and de blood of those before you
will not go unavenged!  For diz is de day of de guerrilla - de final call!"

Ziyon was pronounced dead at 1:21 A.M. by de imperialist state, but de
people pronounce him forever alive.  There is no doubt in my mind that
Ziyon got our message or felt our luv for him.  Nope, no doubt at
all.....for it was written in de storm.

'In remembrance of Ziyon Yisrayah'
Let his last words forever be written upon our hearts:
"All that is necessary for evil to prevail, is for man to do nothing"

Abolish de death penalty
Free all P.P./P.O.W.'s
Uhuru Sasa!!!

Mangwiro A. Sadiki

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