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> Subject: Blair and the Labour Party.
> Nick, I will reply to your post with the detail it deserves tomorrow, but
> the meantime I want to take up one point.
> I do not believe I have ever called you a Blairite. I do not believe that
> have ever asserted that all members of the Labour Party are supporters of
> Blair's polcies. I do not believe that I have ever asserted that the
> Party is reducible to Blair. If you can show me otherwise, I will stand
> corrected and will retract what are obviously erroneous positions.

In a message to Richard you said...

> The fundamental dividing line in one sense is the attitude each group
> to the Labour Party. The NCP has taken its stand (though it is to be hoped
> that they will change their minds). It is standing *with* Blair.

I.e. communists and non-communists divide over the LP. You then say that the
NCP has taken it's stand with *Blair*, when what you presumambly mean (I
hope) is that they have taken their stand with the Labour Party. Hence I
deduced that you thought the terms *Blair* and *Labour Party* were

> However, there is no escaping the fact that by working for the election of
> Labour government, your are working for the election of Tony Blair as
> Minister. You are working for the election of a government which will
> implement Blairite policies. Do you deny this?

One could equally say that by not working for the election, you are working
for the re-election of John Major as prime minister.

No I do not deny that I hope Blair is the next PM. This is nothing to do
with him as an individual. It has everything to do with how I analyse the
current situation in our class, its prospects and its aspirations. Surely we
have to get away from this kind of cultism.

The class nature of the Labour Party is not dependent upon how good / bad
the next Prime Minister is going to be. If I am right about the Labour
Party, the forces of history will sweep the current leadership aside in
time. If I am wrong, then I'd be equally wrong even if Blair was the
reincarnation of Karl Marx.

> Fight inside the Labour Party to change it if you wish. Others have tried
> over the years. I don't have much optimism about your chances of success.
> gave up in 1983, myself when I found myself on doorsteps making excuses
> Labour rather than actually believing that they would implement their
> was then a relatively left wing) manifesto promises.

Sounds to me like that's where your problem lies. I don't make excuses for
Labour. I explain what is happening inside the Party to people, and ask them
to join the Party to change it.

If you "gave up" in 1983, comrade, what happened in that year to transform
the nature of the Party? Or did you give up for personal reasons, i.e.
subjectively? I'm afraid it sounds like the latter.



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