Class nature, not subjectivety

Tue Aug 13 02:17:49 MDT 1996

Louis G says...

> Nick H tells us, quite frankly that leftists:
> >.... find working inside the LP [Labour Party] difficult in a period of
> defeat such as the last
> >fifteen years. Dissent is not tolerated, and space for Marxists is
> However, coincidentally, he himself does not:
> > *work with* the right wing of the LP - I seek to replace them. I do
> >not join with the LP leadership in common fights for particular things -
> >try to wrest the leadership of the Labour movement away from them.
> So Mr Nick,  himself nobody's damn fool,   "seeks" to "replace" the "right
> wing" of the Labour leadership, working "inside" a party where "dissent is
> not tolerated," and where "space" for "Marxists" is--in his
> words--"limited."     All the time putting the CPUSA in the dock for
> "supporting" the "lesser of two evils" against the Republicans!
> Nick,  in your words,  "Why?" and "How?"

Because despite what others may believe, the LP does still have 50% (voting
strength) and 90% (numerical strength) ties to the trade unions, which
no-one has yet suggested are bourgeois formations.

I fight the leadership of the LP despite the limited space to do so because
the alternative is not to fight them, i.e to tell workers that the LP and
the unions are no different to the Tories, and to make them so. The workers
wouldn't, I'm afraid immediately join the Jim's Communist Action Group or
Richard's New Communist Party, as Jim has already recognised neither of
these groups have as much grip on the class as the fascists!

There is a glaring difference between the Labour Party and the Democrats. On
the CPUSA's logic, they *ought* to be in the Democratic Party, not just
supporting it - supporting means trying to avoid the blame when things go
wrong, and essentially amounts to an abdication - vote for this person, but
don't ask me to help if he turns out to be a faker.

My involvement in the Labour Party is on a different basis - to recognise
the current position of the vast majority of the working class (hatred of
the Tories, desperation to see a shift in politics, and a sense of
'ownership' over the Labour movement that leads them to expect better things
>from Blair than from Major. Not only that, but also a sense that under Blair
they will be able to fight industrially with more confidence than currently.
I.e. the class will be taken forward by a Labour victory in the next

Will the class be taken forward by a Democrat victory? I don't see that,
only discussions about *lesser evils*.


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