Class nature, not subjectivety

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Nick maintains that workers will be able to struggle more effectively under
Labour than they will under the Tories. This, he claims, is not subjectivism,
but (presumably) hard-headed class analysis.

I beg to differ. I don't know if Nick is old enough to remember the lastt
Labour administration. It was brought down by a wave of industrial action
when the workers finally rebelled against those who were at the top of their
movement and we administering the affairs of the bourgeois state.

Is this what he has in mind? It is not clear what will happen in terms of
industrial militancy after the next election, and what precise effect it will
have having a Labour Prime Minister (if that is what turns out to be the
case). It is not too difficult to see, though, the difficulties that having
Labour in office will pose for union struggles. Now, the union leaders tell
the rank and file not to rock the boat in case it upsets Blair's chances at
the ballot. After election, they'll tell them not to rock the boat or else
we'll end up where wwe were in the Winter of Discontent in 1978/9. With
Labour in office, it will be more importnat than ever to have a force
*outside* of Labour, but within the unions (and outside them, too, since the
vast majority of the working class is outside the unions, and millions of
them are not in employment).

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