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Tue Aug 13 06:04:09 MDT 1996

For some reason, Nick Holdenis double posting some things to me *and* to the
list - for example this one which I thought was a private e-mail.

So that I don't have to write another reply to his points, I'm forwarding my
(private) reply to him.

Forwarded message:
Subj:    Re: Blair and the Labour Party.
Date:    96-08-13 07:02:46 EDT
From:    CAGJimKane
To:      NICK.HOLDEN at geo2.poptel.org.uk

Dear Nick,

You ask what happened in 1983 in the Labour Party. Nothing much. I did not
claim that it was the correct position to be *in* the LP up until 1983 and to
be *out* after that. All that happened is that I had had enough of messing
around inside Labour. I joined in 1979 as a 19 year old Bennite, convinced
that Left reformism was the way forward. In the meantime I became a Marxist.
That's why I left - aged 23. No Britain's Lenin, me - I just left for
*subjective* reasons in your book. What you mean, of course, is that it was
an individual decision - it certainly was - as was my (and your) decision to
join in the first place.

On the question of dividing lines, I was refering to a demarcation line
within the Communist camp. Not, as you understood me to be saying, a dividing
line between Communists (all those who oppose Labour from the left) and
non-Communists (all those who call for a vote for Labour). I don't see why it
is necessary to explain this to you since, as you know, I have madeit very
clear vis-a-vis comrade Richard Bos that I consider him a Marxist-Leninist,
*despite* his opinion on Labour.

One last thing, for now. I am replying to this as a personal e-mail. There is
a danger of unnecessary duplication here since we are also debating on the
Marxism list. We should sort this out, really, as both of us have limited
time on our hands. If we are going to keep personal and public correspondance
going at the same time, it ought really to concern different subjects, don't
you think?

BTW - I don't know yet if you are a Communist by your own definition, and if
so what you undertand by this other than that we should be inside the LP
trying to transform it into a revolutionary movement. Would it be possible to
clarify, very briefly, these questions - in a private e-mail if you prefer.

1. Are you a Communist?
2. Do you think that Leninism is in contradiction to Marxism?
3. Do you think that the Soviet Union was socialist under Stalin?
4. Do you support the Irish Republican movement (BTW why do you see *support*
as being passive - it can be very active, you know)?
5. What do you think of Trotksyism?
6. Are you a supporter of the Alliance for Workers Liberty? [Your arguments
are very close to theirs so far]

I won't quote your replies - I only want very simple "yes" "no" or "sort of"
type answers. Just to get my bearings.

My asnwers are: 1 - Yes; 2 - No; 3 - Yes; 4 - Yes; 5 - I think it is a social
democratic deviation, as characterised by the Executive Committee of the
Communist International in 1926; 6 - definitely not.

For Communism,


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