Communism's name. Query: What "Mainstream"? (Ref. Kevin)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Aug 13 16:02:34 MDT 1996

    In his response to Louis G's Monday posting on the CP, Kevin Cabrall
raises the question" "... how can communists integrate themselves into
the mainstream of American political life?" (I'm not concerned here with
his further point about "keeping ...revolutionary commitment.")

    The question is a false one, because it assumes that there *IS*
a "mainstream" to "American political life," or that there even exists
an "American political life." There almost self-evidently is not any
political "life" in the United States (with or without a "mainstream")
in which any left force could integrate itself. N

    The Democratic Party doesn't simply have "bad" politics; it is
*resolutely* anti-political. That has been the very reason for
existence of that party for *at least* 68 years. On a very *few*
occasions during that period "suppressing politics" has involved
"allowing some politics--even some grudgingly good politics." (I
just described the New Deal and the Fair Deal.)

    Communists are the most touchingly naive and and achingly
grateful people on earth. Give them a crust or two of bread every
two or three decades, then resolutely kick them in the teeth every
day--and they go on for half a century waiting for the next Crust.

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