To a Comrade

Tue Aug 13 19:30:59 MDT 1996

Hi Richard,

> Yes Nick,
> I welcome what you have said, and I do hope that we can have many
> disscussions on this list in a comradley way.
> I am not the best writer in the world so I am bound to put my foot in it
> occassionly.

Just do what I do - jump in with both feet!

> You ask why I don't just join the LP. Well I am a Communist, maybe when
> your people win the LP from Blair I can join as such. Don't lump the NCP
Err, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but your help would be more useful
during the struggle than after it.

Seriously, if you genuinely believe that you would have a place in a
post-Blair Labour Party, then join, and please help to create one.

> in with all the organisations that call themselves Communist. It is not
> surprising that you do; there are so many of two men and a dog outfits
> around.
> I think that we are on the same side, even if you don't, but I hope that
> you do.

We're all working class, aren't we?



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