{6} Why "reds" are "nukes" - Debate with Louis N. P.

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Tue Aug 13 19:32:02 MDT 1996

{6} Why "reds" are "nukes" - Debate with Louis N. P. [Posted: 14.08.96]


Since one IMO likewise important part of the debate we started
has come to centre on the question of what are actually the main
origins of the chemical fuels, i.e. oil, natural gas and coal, I've
now written respectively quoted a little on this and am bringing
the first three postings in a series I had been planning anyway,
"Why the chemical fuels are NOT 'fossil'". I haven't had time to
reply to your reply to my {3} yet, but I'll return to it as soon as I can.

I hope that these postings, which in this case are not directly
about why reds are nukes but about why they must also help
prevent the capitalists from strangling the oil and natural gas
supply, will interest you and others.

Rolf M.

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