Detroit: Apply the Definition of Semi-Proletariat!

Tue Aug 13 22:28:51 MDT 1996

You wrote:
>On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:
>> MIM replies: Not so fast Gina. The context is
>> the Detroit strike which you and others on this list
>> have accused us of actively opposing. Are you denying
>> that these are imperialist mouthpieces who have
>> committed crimes against the people? Are you denying that
>> these folks regurgitated government press releases
>> so shamelessly that even some government
>> officials are probably more independent-minded?
>Louis: I haven't been paying much attention to MIM since my pal Pat #3
got>transferred to East Jesus, Nebraska where there is no Internet
>connections. But let me see if I get this straight, are you saying
that>you wouldn't support the strike of newspaper workers that took
place>recently in Detroit? If this is the case, perhaps you should be
seeking>out an anti-Marxist list?
   Lou I agree that MIM is about as Marxist as the nation of islam.
I wonder what their class background is, being that their located
mainly in Ann Arbour and Cambridge I have a pretty good idea. I would
like to know how the printers, press operatores, drivers and other
workers have committed crimes against the people? Besides many whom MIM
calls imperialist mouthpieces are reporters and columnist who display a
million times more proletarian consciousness than MIM.

   The thing that bothers me the most about these guys is that they are
dicrediting Maoism. The influence of Maoism amongst the working class
in the united states is about zero. These guys are determined for it to
remain that way. If Maoist are unable or unwilling to work amongst this
strata of the proletariat, then they are deceiving themeselves about
wanting revolution.


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