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Matt D. afn02065 at
Wed Aug 14 11:30:36 MDT 1996

Gina writes, re: MIM's identification of drivers, press oper-
ators, and others as enemies of the proletariat:

>They have no more  ability to be "imperialist mouthpieces"
>than the kid who flips hamburgers at Micky Dee's.

Well, Gina... I think you have got down to the heart of the
matter.  The kid flipping burgers down at McDonald's *is*
the class enemy.  You may think his surliness and
poor complexion result from low wages, unrewarding
labor, and a greasy environment -- this would be
typical of your petty-bourgeois mindset.

In fact, his bad attitude is the bad attitude of the evil
settler/imperialist exploiter, steeped in a bitter hatred
for humanity.  His acne is -- as any nineteenth century
physician could tell you -- the result of self-abuse, an
expression of his degenerate anti-proletarian moral

Now just so others on the list won't be mislead by
your Jesuitical Trotskyism, let me break it down for
you *scientifically* (I'll leave it to MIM to throw in whatever
misrepresentation -- whoops! I mean brilliant and
original interpretation -- of Marx or Lenin they use
to back up their calculations):

     (1) white: 100% exploiter scum
     (2) black: 100% exploited proletarian
     (3) asian: Mon-Wed, exploiter scum; Thu-Sun, exploited
     (4) hispanic: 80% exploited, 20% exploiter
           (a) Mas Canosa: 100% exploiter, but leader of the
                 national bourgeoisie w/ whom we must ally
     (5) white/black:
           (a) dark skin: 75% exploited, 25% exploiter
           (b) medium tone: 50%, 50%
           (c) light skin: 25% exploited, 75% exploiter
     (6) white/hispanic:
           (a) more Indian features ...

well, you get the picture.  Of course, our thoroughly *scientific*
analysis goes deeper than this.  Take for example our light-
skinned person of mixed race -- they exploit folks w/ darker
skin, but they get exploited by folks w/ even lighter skin.  Even
whitey runs into trouble when she's the kind who takes a nice
tan in the summer: she may find herself exploited for two or
three weeks in July of every year.

Indeed, if you think about it, the new wave of tanning creams
could well be a plot by our alien masters -- oh shit! that's 9th
circle esoteric MIM secrets, just pretend you didn't hear that --
a plot by our, uh, rulers to get some of us settlers to darken up,
thus transforming us from their co-exploiters into producers
of surplus value, which, as you know, we currently are not.

-- Matt "Got milk?" D.

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