MIM replies to Tony on Detroit Strike

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Wed Aug 14 17:29:07 MDT 1996

[Tony says]
   Lou I agree that MIM is about as Marxist as the nation of islam.
I wonder what their class background is, being that their located
mainly in Ann Arbour and Cambridge I have a pretty good idea. I would

MIM replies: This is an example of what Marxists have always
called "vulgar sociology." I'll get back to it later,
but let's recall that Mao said line was decisive, not
taking up the correct lifestyle, including occupation.
Mao said correct ideas come from the masses, but he didn't
say the ideas of the exploited were automatically correct.
Tony and Gina need to come up with this kind of crap along
with Quispe--which aside from being factually false--is
methodologically incorrect even if it weren't based in Quispe type cop

[Tony says]
like to know how the printers, press operatores, drivers and other
workers have committed crimes against the people? Besides many whom MIM

MIM replies: "Just following orders"? Eh, Tony? See my reply
to Gina on that forthcoming. And assuming you persuaded
us these were exploited proletarians, which they aren't,
which class is leading the strike?

[Tony says]
calls imperialist mouthpieces are reporters and columnist who display a
million times more proletarian consciousness than MIM.

MIM replies: This is the bottom of it and explains perfectly
why you have dedicated more time to bashing MIM and its revolutionary
press and more time to cheerleading for semi-proletarian-led strikes,
than you have building up independent revolutionary media.
In practice, you have revealed your priorities--licking the
boots of the major media. It also explains why (to my
knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong) you are not in a party.
You don't believe such to be necessary in practice,
whatever other pretensions you might have.

[Tony says]
   The thing that bothers me the most about these guys is that they are
dicrediting Maoism. The influence of Maoism amongst the working class
in the united states is about zero. These guys are determined for it to

MIM replies: Zero before MIM ever existed, but only if you count the
white working class as the entirety of the united states. The
Black Panthers were the single largest influence amongst the Black masses
in the late 1960s. But you are on the right track Tony. Why don't you sum
that up historically, more thoroughly?

[Tony says]
remain that way. If Maoist are unable or unwilling to work amongst this
strata of the proletariat, then they are deceiving themeselves about
wanting revolution.

MIM replies: No, Lenin said if you are unwilling to work
among ALL strata you are deceiving yourselves about building a
revolutionary movement. But it is typical that Tony's is the
same kind of reasoning social-democrats use in why they HAVE
to tail after the majority no matter what. Working amongst all
strata doesn't mean telling them lies for the purposes
of flattery. It is only the economists who
assume you have to flatter the masses for them to listen to you.
MIM receives active support for its line, including from
the white manufacturing sector workers this
List adores. Flattery is not the only road to the semi-proletariat.

Tony, Gina and others kid themselves that this Detroit strike
is proletarian-led. But they are the worst garden-variety
economists Lenin already dealt with in What Is To Be Done.
Tony and Gina share Avakian's understanding of the classes
in the united states, but we can say Avakian would never
express such economism so baldly as Tony.

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