Where do you expend your energies?

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Thank you so much Rakesh!  I did a search of Michel Chossudovsky's name on the
web and did come up with an article by him, courtesy of the Third World
Network Features.  I don't know if it's the one you read in the Third World
Resurgence, it's entitled "IMF-World Bank policies and the Rwandan
holocaust" and here is the web site for it:

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>My guess is that in the last 5
>years, the most death and suffering in any one area has been in
>Rwanda/Burundi.  I asked on this list if anyone could suggest any readings
>on this ongoing tragedy and received not one response.

 See Mahmood Mamdani's difficult analysis in the last New Left Review;
Stephen Shalom's in Z Magazine a few issues back; Michel Chossudovsky's in
Third World Resurgence more than a year ago; and the essays by various writers
of the British magazine Living Marxism.  The last you can access through their
web site; Chossudovsky's essay was quite remarkable but I loaned it to a
friend and haven't seen either since.  It will be very difficult to find.


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