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Wed Aug 14 23:57:01 MDT 1996

James Hillier wrote:
> Nick Holden has commented on the lack of other participants in this debate
> on Labour, other than himself, comrade Richard Bos, and me. In the absence
> of other getting involved, I share his view that we should wind it up for
> the time being. For that reason, this will be my last post on the matter.

OK Jim, although I was starting to enjoy it. I do feel you should
answer the point about Democratic-Centralism though.

Jim says:

> I can't help agreeing with Louis G on this question:
> Nick H wants Louis to be held in some way responsible for majoritydecisions
> within the CPUSA - ie (which is not the same thing in the real world) for
> decisions of the leadership. And yet he refuses this when it comes to his
> *own* party. Louis is no more and no less responsible for the CPUSA's
> leadership decisions than Nick is for the Labour Party's.

Nick says:

>.... I think there is a difference - I imagine the CPUSA to be a
>democratic centralist organisation. The Labour Party is not.

>This makes a big difference in the way the leadership and the rank &
>relate to each other, I would suggest.

I said:

>Hang on a minute... Am I getting things in a muddle here? Do party
>members have no responsibility for the decisions taken within the
>democratic structure of their party. I can see the problem in the Labour
>Party which has a leadership which feels that it has the right to openly
>refuse to carry out conference decisions, but surely you are not
>that about the CPUSA? Someone please sort this out!

I do not think people were bored by our discussion. I think that they
were interested to see how it would develop.

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