Labour still the same as always?!!!??

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Thu Aug 15 04:16:11 MDT 1996

rcg at (Ramon) writes:

> Are you sure that United Left in Spain  attracts significant working class
> support?.
> Please , look at the figures in the last election. The majority of working
> class, in Spain as in United Kingdom, are with democratic socialism, not
> with fundamentalistic marxism (Marx said : "I'm not Marxist"). There is not
> socialism without freedom.

I don't know figures for the last election in Spain.  Would you like
to post them?

Whether the United Left attracts "significant working class support"
depends on what you mean by "significant".  If I recall correctly, it
has received about 10% of the vote in some elections.  Or am I wrong?

It is true that most workers still vote PSOE in Spain and Labour in

I agree that there is not socialism without freedom, but I don't think
that socialism will be achieved by PSOE or Labour...


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