Bougainville Update - 16/8/96

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Aug 15 08:36:44 MDT 1996

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996, Sasha Baer wrote:

> Title --HR abuses in B'ville
> Date -- 14 August 1996
> Byline --None
> Origin -- Niuswire

Louis: Please stop posting this stuff. We are not a newsgroup. This list
exists for the discussion of theoretical issues. There are many venues on
the Internet where bulletins like these would have more impact. In
general, news of this sort is only absorbed when the poster has some kind
of relationship to the list, such as a Turkish member who informed us
regularly of a hunger strike last month. You have no relationship to the
list, do you?

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